Friday, November 27, 2009

Twelve Days of Giving 2009

Welcome to the 2009 series of Twelve Days of Giving! These posts were inspired by Colleen's 2008 Holiday Season Book Recommendation Event and they were such fun last year that I had to do them again this year! I'll be linking each day's list here as I post them, so be sure to check back! The first list will be posted on Friday, but if you're antsy you can check out last year's Twelve Days of Giving posts.

November 27 - Making the World a Better Place
Show a kid in your life that it's better to give than to receive by pairing a charitable donation or volunteer time with a book (so y'all can give and receive!).

November 28 - Books for Your Two-Year-Old
Got a toddler on your gift-buying list this year? Here are some of my favorite books for 2's.

November 29 -Books for Your Precocious Kindergartner
So you've got a spunky girl traipsing around, eh? These are my picks for spirited and precocious four-to-seven-year-olds.

November 30 - My Favorite Nonfiction for Younger Readers
Picture book nonfiction for curious minds.

December 1 - Books into Movies II
Last year, I posted about books that have been turned into movies. This year I'm pairing some tween and teen books with related DVDs.

December 2 - More Books for Twilighters
I posted last year with suggestions for the Twilight fans on your list. Here are some more!

December 3 - Books for Those Boys
You know what to get the young ladies on your list, but what about those boys? Here are my best suggestions for elementary and tween guys.

December 4 - Falalalala!
Novels for the musically inclined tweens and teens on your list.

December 5 - Let It Snow
Only the best stocking stuffer EVAR for any Nerdfighter you know.

December 6 - Drama Queens
Buying for a teen theatre buff? This list is for you!

December 7 - My Favorite Nonfiction for Older Readers
Check out some of my favorite middle-grade and teen fiction.

December 8 - A Few of My Favorite Things
In which I fill in the holes by posting about my favorite books of 2009 that haven't been listed in 12 Days of Giving.