Friday, October 16, 2009


I'm in DC right at this very moment, trying to figure out how to get from Union Station to the Library of Congress. Except a full report on KidLitCon '09 when I return! In the meantime...

Inspired by Travis's post about Things Librarians Fancy, I present to you my tote bag collection. These are all the bags I could rustle up in my apartment (I have at least two more at work):

On the left-hand side there are a couple from Anderson's Bookshop from the two YA Lit Conferences I've attended there.

Clockwise from the top, we have a Virginia Woolf bag from Barnes & Noble (I'm not a particular fan of Woolf, but at the time that I worked at B&N, she was the only woman featured on a tote bag. Not sure if that's still the case), a bag from the 2008 Illinois Library Association Conference, an Unshelved bag (which is my daily use bag), and a new addition - a Babymouse bag (!!!) from Bound to Stay Bound. Dead center is a lovely Egmont bag which I won as a door prize at this year's YA Lit Conference.

The bag from the ILA Conference is one of my favorites because it is nice and sturdy and has good straps. It's also a nice size, large enough to carry my whole library haul (usually). I also enjoy the bag from the 2007 ILA Conference (not pictured here) and often use it to take books and materials to outreach events at work (which is why it is not pictured here).

So, as you can see, I am never lacking when I need to transport books. Librarians can always use tote bags!

Oh, and FTC? I received all these bags for free except the Unshelved bag and the B&N bag, both of which I paid for. I endorse all of them because canvas bags are awesome.