Saturday, March 14, 2009

Addicted to...?

Trisha tagged me for the five things I'm addicted to meme. So, without further ado...

1. America's Next Top Model. It is true! I am not ashamed! I really started watching this show about a year ago when my best friend came up here to visit me and now we're both obsessed. They've been rerunning past seasons of it on Oxygen and I've been recording them. In the past few weeks I've watched 3 or 4 seasons in their entirety and portions of other seasons. I love hate love it when they cry over their haircuts. :)

2. Books about medical issues. Maybe it's because my mom's a doctor, but I've always been interested in novels about diseases, surgery, psych hospitals... you name it! (Anyone have recommendations? Amanda and I already bonded over our shared childhood love of A Night Without Stars!)

3. Gag reels on DVDs. They are my favorite extra and I get really disappointed when they're not included.

4. Musicals. Ohhh how I love them! My all-time favorite is Miss Saigon. Runner up is Phantom. My sophomore year at IU, I was an usher at the IU Auditorium and got to see a whole bunch of shows for free. Ahhh, how I miss that perk... Since I moved to Chicagoland (just over two years ago), I've seen Wicked (twice), The Color Purple, Jersey Boys, and Sweeney Todd.

5. Shopping at Trader Joe's. Before I moved up here, I'd never lived in a place that had Trader Joe's. I love their tomato soup, their tomato-broccoli pesto frozen pizza, and pretty much every kind of cookie they have. Every time my friends or parents come up to visit, we have to stop at Trader Joe's. One time when a group of friends came up, we went three separate times over one weekend.

I'm not so into the tagging, so if you wanna do it or you're looking for something to do this weekend, consider yourself tagged!