Thursday, September 8, 2016

Some Light

Light at the End of the Tunnel 2 by Rebecca Swift

I think maybe I've come out of my tunnel. 

I wrote previously about being overwhelmed, first on the ALSC Blog back in December and more recently here this summer

I almost hate to say it because it feels like I'm going to jinx something, but these past couple of weeks I have been feeling better. I had honestly been wondering if I was ever going to wake up without dreading going to work. 

And then one morning.... I did. 

I woke up actually optimistic and excited to go to the library and do the job that, yes, I still love. 

A big part of that is that we are finally back to full staff (our new normal of full staff, that is). We filled a part-time position that had been vacant almost four months due to Circumstances. And I think what was really weighing me down was the Not Knowing. 

I am a planner. I like to know what's going to happen. I like to be able to think about the months ahead and know that we're going to be able to handle what's coming. Now that we're at the staffing level we're going to be at for the foreseeable future, I finally feel like we can begin to move forward. 

I've also accepted our new level of programming (much less than what we could previously offer). And as we train up our new staff person, we'll see where we're able to go from here. 

I don't know what the future holds. But I know that for now I am feeling okay, which is much better than I have felt for the past several months. And I'm just going to hold on to that and do the job I love. (And maybe blog a little more frequently...)