Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Science Activity Packs: Exploding Stick Bomb

First of all, this is NOT actually a bomb or any kind of weapon/firearm. :)

Here's another one of our Science Activity Packs we're using for prizes this summer. This one is super simple. It just includes 10 jumbo craft sticks (purchased from Amazon, $7.27 for 500) and the following instructions: 

Step #1: Cross two sticks into an "x" shape like in the picture. Slant the sticks so that there are two obtuse and two acute angles. The stick on top will be stick 1 and the stick on bottom will be stick 2, see picture #1 for note.

Step #2: Add stick 3 by tucking one end under the end of Stick 2. The new stick should go over Stick 1.

 Step #3: Add another stick by tucking it's end under Stick 2 and letting the rest lay over Stick 3.

Step #4: Continue adding sticks like the pictures until you've reached the desired length. Just remember that patience will pay off and the longer the stick bomb you make the longer explosion show you'll have.

Source: http://www.instructables.com/id/Cobra-Weave-Exploding-Stick-Bomb/

The website has videos that may help explain and we've included photos of each step to help our young builders figure it out. 

Stay tuned for more info about our Science Activity Packs in the coming days! 

This year, we've revamped our Summer Reading Club prizes to get rid of cheap, plastic toys and encourage kids to keep exploring and learning after they're done with the SRC. Check out my post on revamping our Summer Reading Club prizes for a full list of Science Activity Pack ideas!