Monday, June 16, 2014

Science Activity Packs: Balloon Rocket

I've mentioned before that we're revamping our prizes for the Summer Reading Club this year. Part of that is providing a choice of Science Activity Packs when kids complete the Summer Reading Club. Science Activity Packs include supplies and instructions for a science activity that kids can do at home.

Our Balloon Rocket activity packs include: 

  • 1 balloon (purchased in bulk from Amazon, $12.97 for 144 balloons)
  • 1 long piece of kite string (we had this already)
  • 1 plastic straw (purchased at our local grocery for a couple of dollars, I think)

The only thing we don't include is a couple pieces of tape. And we include instructions. 


1. Tie one end of the string to a chair, door knob, or other support.

2. Put the other end of the string through the straw.

3. Pull the string tight and tie it to another support in the room.

4. Blow up the balloon (but don't tie it.) Pinch the end of the balloon and tape the balloon to the straw as shown above. You're ready for launch. Let go and watch the rocket fly!


The website includes some additional ideas for experimenting and explains how the science works. 

Stay tuned for more Science Activity Packs in the coming weeks!

This year, we've revamped our Summer Reading Club prizes to get rid of cheap, plastic toys and encourage kids to keep exploring and learning after they're done with the SRC. Check out my post on revamping our Summer Reading Club prizes for a full list of Science Activity Pack ideas!