Friday, April 29, 2011

#Flannel Friday - Fifteen Animals

I have been loving the #Flannel Friday roundups that Mel's been posting and I finally got my act together to post one of my own. I have to confess, I did NOT make this flannel set. My wonderful employee Miss T is gifted with craftiness and she makes many of our flannel stories. When I saw the book Fifteen Animals by Sandra Boynton, I knew it would be great for storytime, but the small board book format wasn't the best for a group. So I took it to Miss T and she created these flannel pieces to go with it:

I won't print the entire text here (seriously, go get the book! I love it!), but the gist is:

I have a cat named Bob and a dog named Bob
And two fish named Bob and Bob...

And so on, until you get to...

There's Bob the mouse and Bob the bird 
And my turtle...
Simon James Alexander Ragdale the Third. 

I love the silly, surprise ending. This is a simple story that would work with a storytime on animals, pets, or counting.

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