Saturday, October 2, 2010

Around the Interwebs

Cybils nominations are now open!  Go forth and nominate!  Rules here (quoted from Cybils website):

  • One book per genre per person. Have two young adult books you love? Get a best friend, co-worker or random stranger to nominate the other one.
  • Anyone may nominate. Anyone! This means you. And me. And that person over there, and the guy who cut you off in traffic. Or that kid you won't sit next to at lunch. Anyone!
  • The book must have been published between the last contest and this close of this one. In other words, between Oct. 16, 2009 and Oct. 15th 2010. 
  • The book can be bilingual, but one of the languages must be English. 
  • As long as a book has a nomination, it'll be considered. You don't need to try and nominate it over and over. The nomination form will kick it back to you anyway.
I kind of accidentally stayed up until 12:01am on Friday when the nominations opened and it was such fun to see them in real time as they came in.  I may have swooped in to nominate my favorites in a few categories, as well. :) 

Do you know about the Phoenix Award?  I do now, thanks to Betsy. 

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, October 19 because Scholastic is giving a live webcast preview of spring 2011 titles!  I tuned in for their previous webcast and it was quite useful.  I highly recommend registering if you're not one of those lucky New York people who actually get to attend publisher previews!

Speaking of new releases, Sarah at GreenBean TeenQueen has posted her third installment of Fall Picks: Need to Know YA Releases.  (Did I link to the second one?  Well, now I did.)  

Mmmkay, I missed this one.  An article in Wall Street Journal: "How to Raise Boys That Read. Hint: Not With Gross-Out Books and Video Game Bribes".  Jessica at On Our Minds @ Scholastic chimes in, saying "Boys should be allowed to read books they choose".  Read the comments, too.  

The schedule for KidLitCon10 has been announced!  I am extra super duper sad that I will not be joining all you lovely people there this year*, but I know that all of you lucky attendees will have a great day of fun and learning.  Just be sure to post lots of awesome recaps so I can live (and learn) vicariously!  Haven't registered?   There's still time!  (Thanks to Jen Robinson for the link.)

Have a great weekend! 

*but I am extra super duper happy for my good friend who's getting married on that day!