Monday, June 22, 2009

Is this a... what day is it?

I feel like this blog's been radio silent for the past couple of weeks (although I suppose I've posted a few things since the 48-Hour Book Challenge). I do apologize. It's just that things have been totally crazy with New Job! and New Apartment! and I'm still not in my routine yet. I had a bunch of posts saved up from my hiatus, but I've posted them all now and these days it feels like a small miracle when I finish a book. ;)

So, what have I been up to?

Well, planning my trip to Chicago for ALA, for one. It'll be a whirlwind trip and I'll only be going to the exhibits on Saturday, but Travis isn't the only geek who ordered bloggity business cards. I ordered "free" ones from VistaPrint and was very happy with them. (You get 250 business cards free, but you have to pay for the shipping, which came to about $10.00.) The cards are cute and they arrived very quickly.

If you want one, you're going to have to track me down at ALA. I'm still trying to figure out my Twitter strategy, as it seems like Twitter would be a reasonable way for us bloggity types to find each other. (Anyone have ideas? And who's going, by the way?)

And I have been reading (albeit very slowly [or so it seems to me]). Last night I finished Eyes Like Stars, which was wonderful. I'll be posting a full review as part of a blog tour in early July, so stay tuned for that. And I'm in the middle of Fire, which is totally awesome.

Annnnd I listened to Nation, which is one of the best audiobooks I've ever listened to. Highly recommended if you have an upcoming car trip or a new, long-ish commute to work.

Summer Reading Club's been going well. We're super busy, of course... And on that note, I think I'd better put my sleepy self to bed. Coming this week: storytime about chickens and an Around the Interwebs post if I can find the energy...!