Friday, November 21, 2008

So... who saw Twilight?

Personally, I give it props for bringing the funny several times. I loved Charlie. Loved Jacob (although there wasn't enough of him... was he really only in the first book that briefly?). LOVED Rosalie.

I can't say I cared for it overall, but there was a packed house of teenage girls who disagree with me (if the squeeing is any indication). I didn't really expect to enjoy it, so there ya go.

What did YOU think??


Heather said...

I so agree with you Abby! Supporting cast was great- Charlie, Emmett, Jacob were my favorites. Plus there were a few good moments--and that's about it :) I didn't dislike it as much as I was planning.

Anonymous said...

A group of us is going on Monday after school. I am not impressed w/who was cast, but we'll see.

Melissa said...

Considering I didn't like Edward or Bella to begin with, I didn't really have any expectations. However -- shoot me if you must -- I liked the movie at least as well as the book. Especially Edward. I think I get it now.

Cat Fancy said...

I will proudly admit that I loved it!!! But I was sandwiched in between three people who had seen it and LOVED it, so I might have absorbed some of their enthusiasm. And I giggled every time "the eyes" came out.

Anonymous said...

Okay so recently I saw Twilight and I will admit that I loved it! I went into the movie with an open mind and was ready to think whatever I wanted about it. It might just be a teenage girl thing, but it was one of the best books I've read and movies I've seen.
I thought that the casting was fairly I mean come on. If Robert Pattinson wasn't what you were expecting for Edward than what did you want?
To find an actor so perfect to play Edward Cullen would be hard, so I just think that they did their best and everything came out good in the end.

Jennie said...

Oh, I so loved it. I even have a crush on Edward now! (I didn't in the book.)

And yes! Jacob was only a small part of the first book. It's so jarring because he plays such a big role in the later ones!