Monday, September 29, 2008

In which I am famous (not really)

I mentioned that I met the lovely Paula Yoo this weekend at the Anderson's YA Lit Conference. What I did not mention is that she "recognized" me from this blog and made me feel all kinds of famous. :D

Check out her post about the conference and see a photo of us together on her blog! She is so nice and funny and she played the violin for us! It was an absolute pleasure meeting her this weekend.

*waves* Hi, Paula!


Cat Fancy said...

I'm so happy that I'm the friend of a famous person!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Wow, this is a cute blog. Abby, you are SOOOO famous to me! :) It was an honor to meet you and your cool librarian friends this weekend. Librarians rock! (Paula imitates the Wayne's World "We're not worthy" motions...) It was awesome to meet you in real life! hope you have a great week! xo Paula