Tuesday, January 1, 2008

KidLit Loot

2008 has gotten off to somewhat of a rocky start for me, but when I feel blue I just look at my new kidlit gear and it cheers me right up.

For Christmas, a friend and coworker got me this fantabulous Babymouse t-shirt. I don't know if I've expressed my love for Babymouse on this blog, but I really do love her. And now I can show the world!! Mua ha ha! (Wondering where you can get your own Babymouse gear? Cafepress has got you covered.)


And I went out shopping today with a couple of friends and found me a Knuffle Bunny at Borders. I had to have it. I'm so happy he's mine. He'll have a place of honor in my cubicle tomorrow when I go back to the grind...

(He's made by YoTToy, but I don't see the small one on their site... they do have a bigger KB, a Pigeon, a Leonardo, and tons of other great book characters, though...)