Friday, January 4, 2008

2007 Reading Stats

Inspired by Biblio File, I've compiled my 2007 reading statistics.

In 2007 I read 222 books total.

I read:

28 adult books
30 graphic novels
37 YA books and
127 juvenile/middle grade books (up to approx. 7th grade level, not counting fiction picture books)

Of these 222 books, 22 were non-fiction and 24 were audiobooks. My highest month was December with 34 books. I credit this to preparing for booktalks, having some time off work, and being obsessed with reviewing books on this blog. My lowest month was September with 10 books. I blame this on Second Grade Safari.

I read more adult books than I thought I had, less YA books than I thought I had, and actually more non-fiction than I thought I had. Except for my non-fiction resolution, I expect my breakdowns to stay pretty similar. I do love YA, but my department serves kids through 8th grade, so that's what I'm more likely to read for booktalks and general readers' advisory knowledge.

Interesting, interesting... Well, to me, at least. :)