Sunday, December 9, 2007

Book Review: The Name of This Book is Secret

The Name of This Book is Secret by Pseudonymous Bosch. (Grades 4-7)

There's really not much I can tell you about this book. Well, there are things I could tell you, but you would regret it. See, this book is about a secret. A big secret. And if you read this book, you'll have to carry around that secret. And I just can't let you do that. It's way too dangerous.

What? You really want to know?

Well, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to tell you that this book is about two kids named Cass and Max-Ernest (those aren't their real names, after all). And I guess it's okay to tell you that they find something called the Symphony of Smells. Wait... is that too interesting? Does it make you want to read the book? Darn it. I'm just going to stop there because anything else I tell you about Cass and Max-Ernest's rip-roaring adventure to save a mysterious magician who hears smells and may be trapped in mortal peril, well, it's just going to make you want to read the book. And I can't have that hanging over my head.

So just go navigate your web browser to another blog. Maybe this one or this one. After all, they don't have reviews of The Name of This Book is Secret. So you'll be safe there.

What? You demand to know who else has reviewed this book?


FINE. I'll tell you. But don't blame me if you're tempted by Professor Nana or Paul or Becky. Read at your own risk.

Ahem. I loved this book. I loved the little gimmicky things about keeping the big secret and not revealing the characters' real names or any identifying information. I loved that Chapter 13 was crossed off and replaced with Chapter 14 ("Of course, I don't really believe that the number thirteen is bad luck - but under the circumstances, why not play it safe?"). I loved the footnotes. And I am going to love booktalking this one to a class of 3rd-, 4th-, and 5th-grade gifted readers in a couple of weeks. I can't wait to tell them not to read it. :)

PS: Do yourself a favor and poke around on the book's website: You can find out what your Symphony of Smells code name is (mine is Asparagus Nutmeg), speculate as to the author's true identity, send an e-card, and maybe even stumble onto a link to the true website...