Thursday, March 14, 2019

Display Idea: Genre Award Finalists

Here's an easy display for you that works for both physical or online book displays: genre award finalists.

One of the my first adult book displays that I put up was an Edgar Award Nominees display and it went like hotcakes (maybe because my patrons LOVE a mystery). Using award nominees is an easy way to quickly put a list together and come up with titles to refill your display. Using nominees instead of just category winners expands the number of titles you have to choose from, allowing for more flexibility and a greater ability to include books by authors of color, etc.

Not only does using the award nominees give you a pre-chosen list to pull for your display, it's a great way to educate patrons (AND STAFF) about these awards. If they're huge mystery or sci-fi readers, they may already be familiar with these awards, but chances are there are general readers who are not.

Don't limit yourself to just this year's finalists or shortlists. Check previous years and pull back list titles to expand and refill your display.

I've done Edgar Awards and I just put up Nebula Award Finalists for a sci-fi display. Here are other awards with shortlists or finalists that would make great displays:

These are just a handful of the options. What book awards have given YOU great displays or would you like to try out at your library?