Monday, August 1, 2016

Retiring the Summer Reading Club Shirts

It's a rite of passage. I've been wearing our CSLP Summer Reading Club shirts all summer long - a nice option for the summer when I may not have the brainpower left to pick out a whole outfit.

Now Summer Reading Club is over and it's time to put those shirts away for awhile.

Oh, I will get them back out again at some point, especially this year's shirts, which will make really great workout shirts at some point.

But immediately after SRC is over, I reserve the right to bury those shirts in my closet and pretend I never saw them. This summer has been especially difficult, so I just need some time to pretend like it didn't happen, to forget that summer will come eventually once again.

And after some time has passed, maybe after the heat of the summer is gone, I'll dig one out and put it on for my workout.

But for now, bye bye, shirts.