Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tune In Tuesday: Asheba's Monkeys

For the inaugural Tune In Tuesday, hosted by Sarah Bean Thompson at GreenBean TeenQueen, I want to share one of my favorite recorded songs to use in storytime.

I do baby storytime weekly at my library and I most frequently use recorded music for everyone to ring bells to. I look for songs with a strong beat and we ring our bells on the beat. "Research... suggests that math and music are related in the brain from very early in life" and rhythm activities are related to math principles such as spatial properties, sequencing, and patterning (click through for more from NAEYC.org!). 

This is one of my favorite songs to use with bells and it's usually stuck in my head all day afterwards. I have had parents ask for it after hearing it in storytime, too! This would be a fun song to use with older preschoolers as an action song (SO MUCH JUMPING!) or even with a felt five monkeys or monkey puppets.

The song is "No More Monkeys" by Asheba and you can find it on the Putomayo Kids album Animal Playground or on Asheba's album No More Monkeys.

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