Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Matilda 25th Anniversary Blog Tour!!!

Matilda is turning 25 this year! Kind of unbelievable, right? How can it already be 25 years since this wonderfully witty, intelligent five-year-old sprang onto the literary scene, inspiring all of us to read more and fight the man with our powers of telekinesis (er, or just wish we had powers of telekinesis)? We’re celebrating this milestone with an epic 25-stop blog tour! Follow along to find out how your favorite bloggers feel about Matilda, and for a chance to win a Matilda prize pack at each and every stop!

I received Matilda for my 7th birthday. Now, here's something to know about me: I have always liked to pick out my own books. I have never particularly enjoyed getting books as presents, I have never successfully participated in a monthly book club... because I like to choose what I read. (Just call me Moxy Maxwell?)

So the book sat around for awhile. But finally, one loo-oong, boring summer day, I deigned to pick up the book that someone else had chosen for me. 

And I fell in love. 

I loved Matilda's story. I loved that she walked down to the library and started reading all the books there. I loved the creative pranks she pulled on the adults that did her wrong. I loved the deliciously evil Miss Trunchbull (and her eventually comeuppance). 

As a librarian, it's my job to match books to readers. And I loooove picking out books for other people. Librarians strive to find the right book for the right reader at the right time. But I know that sometimes kids don't want to be told what to read. And sometimes a book is more special when a kid discovers it on her own. 

What can librarians do to make that happen?

Make sure to build a collection that's wide and varied. Bonus points if you read widely so as to be able to show readers the way, no matter what genre they prefer. Be receptive to patron feedback and order patron suggestions whenever possible. 

Display, display, display! If you don't have space for a lot of physical displays in your room, consider adding book cover pictures to your endcaps, the side of your desk, your windows, or any blank walls or doors you might have. 

Encourage parents to check out a selection of books when they come looking for recommendations. And let them (and kids) know that it's definitely okay to put down a book they're not liking. Life is short; there's no time to read books you don't enjoy! 

And above all, let kids choose their choices. I wouldn't have read Matilda if it had been forced upon me. But because my grownups allowed me my space to pick up the book in my own time, it became one of my all-time favorite, treasured books. 

So make sure your kids have access to Matilda and point them to it if they're looking for recommendations. 

And since April, families have had a new way to experience MatildaDid you know Matilda is now a Tony Award-nominated Broadway Musical? The show opened in April and has already been nominated for 12 Tony Awards, including Best Musical! You can buy tickets, see pictures, and listen to music from Matilda the Musical on their website:

Since not everyone can go to New York City to see the show in person, Penguin Teen is bringing the show to you with a Matilda the Musical prize pack giveaway! Enter to win a copy of the Matilda the Musical soundtrack, a Matilda the Musical poster, and a paperback copy of Matilda by Roald Dahl!

Be sure to visit the Official Matilda Facebook page to keep up with all things Matilda!

To find out more about Matilda the Musical on Broadway, visit their Facebook page! 

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