Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Two weeks down and just about eight more weeks to go... We had just under 1400 kids and 350 teens sign up for Summer Reading Club in the first two weeks (those numbers are as of Saturday, June 2). I shoot for at least 2000 kids over the whole summer and it's typical for the greatest number of registrations to happen during the first few weeks. I haven't kept good records about how many kids signed up on each day for past years, but it FEELS like we have more kids signed up now than we did this time last year.

Our quiet little Children's Room is now pleasantly (occasionally not-so-pleasantly) full every day. We keep a notebook logging the questions we're asked and normally we use one side of a page each day (and the pages aren't even full), but lately our notebook looks like this:

Basically, it looks like the opposite of our bookshelves, which look like this:

I say this with love, but the shelves look like book locusts have come through.... ;) 

We're starting our programs this week, so I'll have a full report about that next week. I was a little afraid that our program registration lists were going to fill up within the first few days of registration being open, but that hasn't been  the case. Of course, we love having full programs, but I hate having to turn people away. So far, they've been filling up steadily but not crazily... 

And that's how the first two weeks have been going. Have you started your Summer Reading or summer programs yet? How's it going?