Friday, November 18, 2011

Around the Interwebs

It's been a crazy week with the ILF Annual Conference on Tuesday & Wednesday, but it's about time I do another roundup of awesome stuff from around the web:

What happens when a school library goes digital and gets rid of most of their books? For Cushing Academy in Massachusetts, it was a positive change. Thanks to Eli for the link.

Summer's posting about Muslim teens in YA Lit over at The Hub and more are suggested in the comments. Got any more to add to her list?

Circulating iPads to young children... Yep, the Darien Library is doing it and Kiera has all the info over at the ALSC Blog.

Over at the YALSA Blog, Gretchen's got the scoop on doing NaNoWriMo programming for teens and adults at your library.

The Labnsdowne Public Library's going over the moon with Oreos - a great moon program to remember for next summer!

And if you're starting to think about next summer, don't miss the California Library Association's program ideas for Summer 2012, which were recently presented at the CLA Conference. Thanks to Eva for the link.

Flannel Friday's got a Winter/Holiday Extravaganza planned for December 2, so start thinking about your favorite winter/holiday flannels to share!

And speaking of flannelboards, haven't you always wanted to be a Puffy Paint Master?

Hunger Games Jeopardy? YES, PLEASE. Alicia's got great posts about her Hunger Games programs over at The LibrariYAn. File this away for when the movie comes out!

SPEAKING OF HUNGER GAMES (if you're viewing this in a blog reader, you may need to click through):

What do you think about the Hunger Games trailer? Me, I know some things are going to be different than I pictured but I'm trying really hard to let all that go and just enjoy.