Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Day in the Life of a Children's Librarian

8:45a - Arrive at work. Turn on computer and put stuff away. Start setting up the room for this morning's program. I print out the words to the rhymes so that I can post them for the parents to read, I collect books for display, and I make sure I've got all my props ready.

9:30a - Check email. 

9:40a - Talk to coworker about tomorrow's daycare storytime. We figure out which books we're going to read, who's going to read what, and we pull together stuff for the craft. 

10:00a - Time for Mother Goose on the Loose, our weekly program for kids under 2 and their caregivers. We share rhymes, songs, books, and activities and then bring out some toys for a short playtime.

10:45a - The program's over and I chat with a coworker about how it went. We had quite a large crowd and I'm thinking about opening another session. We talk about when we would offer it. 

10:55a - I draw up a quick survey for my patrons to fill out, so I can figure out when to open a new session of the program. I'll give it to my patrons next week to get their input. 

11:10a - It's time for my break and on my way to the lounge I stop at the desk and check in a kid for the Summer Reading Club. Then it's lunch time! 

11:45a - Back from lunch, I clean up the small meeting room from this morning's program. 

12:00p - This morning's meeting in the auditorium is over, so I start putting that room together for... our Percy Jackson party! We move tables and chairs around and decorate the room. We set out snacks and get the craft supplies ready, sharpen pencils, set out trivia sheets, get the attendance sheet ready. H planned the program, so I go over the plan with her and make sure I know how she wants me to help. 

2:00p - Percy Jackson time! We have almost 30 very enthusiastic kids. We do a trivia contest, serve blue snacks, and do a camp necklace craft.

3:00p - The program's over and we take down the room. Lots more moving of tables and chairs, taking down decorations, and putting away supplies. 

3:30p - Back in my department, I talk with a couple of my staff members at the desk and we look at the cart of new books brought over by Technical Services. 

4:00p - Check email and call the group that's scheduled to come tomorrow to confirm the time with them. 

4:10p - Straighten up the department. I pick up toys and blocks and fill the displays. 

4:30p - Check email and read and respond to some PUBYAC messages. 

4:50p - Make my to-do list for tomorrow. 

4:55p - I go sit at the reference desk with A, helping out with checking in kids for the Summer Reading Club and answering questions. 

5:30p - Time to head home!