Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Day in the Life of a Children's Librarian

8:45a - Arrive at library. Check email, go upstairs to the business office to pick up a check for the performer coming this weekend.

8:55a - Clean up around the department (pick up toys, fill in displays, etc.) and chat with A about how busy it was the night before.

9:10a - Work on the spring program schedule, booking our program room for storytimes and penciling in programs on the calendar.

10:10a - Set up program room for storytime and get materials together.

10:30a - Work on Thursday's report to the Board and a funding request for the Friends of the Library.

10:55a - Final room check for storytime.

11:00a - Storytime! We're reading stories about sheep today. Where is the Green Sheep? by Mem Fox is a big hit.

11:30a - Storytime's over. I say goodbye to the kids and clean up the room.

11:45a - Lunchtime!

12:15p - Head out to the Success by Six action team meeting. Success by Six is a committee organized by Metro United Way with the goal of ensuring that every child in our community is ready to succeed in school by age six. This means that they'll be healthy, have supportive homes, and have all the assets to be ready to learn. I've enjoyed being part of the group and it's a great way to network with many people that share the same goals I have for kids in our community.

12:30p-2:00p - Success by Six meeting.

2:25p - Arrive back at library.

2:30p - Chat briefly with my boss.

2:35p - Chat briefly with our HR director.

2:50p - Back in the Children's Department. Check email.

3:00p - Chat with T and H about upcoming programs.

3:40p - Take care of booking the room for some programs. File information from Success by Six meeting.

4:15p - Send out emails soliciting donations of Legos for a possible Lego program at the library. I'm considering starting a Lego club (if we get enough Legos!).

4:30p - Talk to director about computers and the funding requests for the Friends.

4:45p - Take my Friends requests upstairs to my boss. I'll go to the Friends meeting to present the requests.

5:00p - Research a book I'm wanting for the library - Count Down to Kindergarten.

5:15p - Time to go home!