Monday, August 4, 2008


As you can probably see from my new thingie in the sidebar, I'm giving Twitter a try. It's actually remarkably addictive, especially once I installed TwitterFox (a Firefox plugin that lets you update your Twitter and receive updates from the people you follow).

Besides knowing when my friends are going to work or eating dinner, there are two things I find really interesting about Twitter.

1. Some famous people have Twitter accounts! This makes it so much easier to be all fan!girl. For instance, I know that Barack Obama is doing an event in Titusville, FL. And Sarah Dessen loves her babysitter and is taking a nap. I just find it so interesting to get these little glimpses into people's lives. Much like having a MySpace page or a blog, this is another tool to connect people.

And that brings us to:

2. The possibilities for Twitter in your library. I know some libraries are already embracing Twitter, posting updates about new books, research tools, or programs. Imagine what a difference it might make if you could send a direct message to your teen patrons (for example) about a program you have going on. Or you could announce when you have the new Stephenie Meyer book in your catalog so they could start placing holds. Or you could point out that new health and wellness database your library just subscribed to. People can even set it up to get updates as text messages. "Oh hey, the library's having a pizza taste-off today! Let's swing by!"

I have to admit that I was skeptical of Twitter's appeal before I got started with it. It was the article in School Library Journal that made me really give it a chance. According to the article: "devotees claim that you have to give it an honest go before you can understand Twitter’s appeal". So I embraced it and I'm really seeing its appeal. The article gives some good tips on using Twitter and provides links to lots of sites that can help you understand it and make the most out of your experience.

Is microblogging here to stay or is it a fad that will fade in time? Beats me. But I'm having fun with it while it's here.