Friday, April 25, 2008

Busy busy week...

You'll have to excuse my lack of posting this week. It's been a busy, busy week with preschool visits to the library, grade school classes visiting the library, going out on outreach visits, and everything else that makes the week busy. I'm also in the middle of three thick books, all of which I am really enjoying.

I've got some new stuff lined up for next week, but for now I'm going to point you to some of the interesting stuff going on in the Kidlitosphere.

Paula Yoo alerted me to the new site Fusion Stories, which is a celebration of Asian-American writing just in time for Asian/Pacific-American Heritage Month (May!). Head over there and say hi to Paula, Grace Lin, An Na, Lisa Yee, and others. You'll be sure to find a great book to read!

Ms. Yingling posted about her BLF (Best Literary Friend)... the characters you love so much that you come back to their books just to say hi. I have to say my BLFs are Ramona Quimby, Anastasia Krupnik, and the girls from the Babysitters Club. Whenever I need a comforting read or I'm having reading ADD, I turn to them. Who are your BLFs?

And there have been a couple of reviews of particular interest to me posted lately. The YA YA YAs reviewed Lock and Key, which is one of the books I'm "in the middle of" (if by "in the middle" you mean "started and had to put aside for other books that are due first"). I'm a big fan of Sarah Dessen and I've been looking forward to this one for quite awhile. Jackie over at Interactive Reader has a review of The Host and it sounds like it won't be a disappointment to the hordes of Twilight fans out there (whew).

And I'm out. Have great weekends, everyone. I fully intend to spend mine curled up in my reading chair finishing at least one great book that I can't wait to share with you. Want to know what it is? I'm not telling... but I'll give you a hint... The author is a member of the Class of 2k8.