Friday, April 23, 2010

Search Stories for Fictional Characters

Ohhh, the lovely Jill over at NerdGirlBlogging introduced me to her new favorite thing (which quickly became my new favorite thing, too): Create Your Own Google Search Story.

You remember that commercial from the Superbowl with the Google searches and Paris and all that?

Well, you can create your own. And why not create one for your favorite fictional character? I'm seeing all sorts of possibilities... Post them on your library webpage as a sort of unique booktalk. Post them on your library's Facebook page and invite patrons to make their own. Or just give me a link to the ones you create and I'll make up a gallery for them. :)

Here's Jill's for Nancy Drew:

And here's mine for Starring Sally J. Freedman As Herself:

And I made a Baby-Sitters Club one:

So, go forth and create a Google search story for your favorite character or book. Email me a link (abbylibrarian or post a link in the comments and I'll create a gallery for 'em.


Jill said...

Yay! I love your BSC one!! Can't believe I didn't think of doing one for them. I'm still thinking of what my next one should be on...

Susan Kaye Quinn said...

These are awesome! I need to go make one of my own...!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant. Thanks for sharing!

kimberly said...

These are great! Have you seen the Vlogbrothers's Search Story for Harry Potter? It's pretty awesome. :)

Anonymous said...

Somebody oughtta do one for the girl in "13 Blue Envelopes" :) Been too long since I read it for me to do it, though.

So instead, I did one for my oldest favorite movie ("oldest" as in, from the longest ago in my life... I can think of one or two other favorites that were made longer ago.) It was amazingly easy to create!