Saturday, January 29, 2022

So, I'm Not Really Here Anymore...

 It's been awhile. And I'm probably not posting here anymore. I don't have plans to delete this blog, although I will say that a lot of the stuff here is pretty darn dated (so use at your own risk, I guess!). 

I haven't stopped writing. I'm just mostly writing for places that pay me now, to be honest. If you miss me, you can find me on the ALSC Blog or School Library Journal occasionally. If you use NoveList, you may see my name pop up in there sometimes, too. 

Or feel free to follow me on Twitter @abbylibrarian (although I am not super great at Twitter either, honestly) or connect with me on GoodReads (don't judge me for how behind on my reading goals I am and I promise I will never judge you for yours). 

Blogging's been fun! It has helped me develop my writing and connect with the bookish community so much. It was a beloved hobby for many years and it's part of my professional foundation. It led to many cherished friendships and cool opportunities and I'll always, always be grateful for that.

Thanks for reading.