Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Anime Club Strikes Again

Last week we had the second meeting of our library's new Anime Club! You guys, it went like gangbusters again. I'm so happy we're doing this! We had 27 teens, about half of whom came last month and half of whom were new. Some of the kids who came last month came back and brought friends with them (huzzah!). We're going to continue to meet every month and I'm interested to see what the turnout will be next month after school's started back up...

We ran Anime Club much the same this time as we did last time. I brought a selection of anime movies/shows and we voted on what to show on the big screen. Since we watched something so girly last time, I promised the guys they would have first choice this time. This time, I also brought down a couple of laptops so that kids could put in something different and watch it if they wanted to. That really worked and both laptops were in use the entire time.

We brought down some games, but the kids weren't too interested in the ones we had. We did have a group playing Magic (or something similar), which they had brought from home. We're looking into some different/cooler games to buy for the teen area (suggestions welcome! The coolest thing we have is Apples to Apples, which the teens love, but that's pretty much the only game we have that they love...).

One fun thing I did this time around was to start the paper pictured above, which the teens added to all evening long. They also flipped it over and started their own (Best Yaoi Pairings, and yes I had to look up what that was).

The teens did not seem particularly interested in watching the anime we were playing on the big screen, but they had a blast hanging out with their friends (and hopefully making some new friends). Again, this was super easy to run, cheap, and very well-attended. I'm already looking forward to next month!

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  1. Abby, I have had a TON of success with pretty much anything from Fantasy Flight games. Some of their games are a bit pricey and some of the play times are lengthy, but they love them. I heartily suggest Red November, Anima (the card game), Aye, Dark Overlord, and Chaos Marauders. If you have time, try Arkham Horror. It is based on HP Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos and is crazy addictive. However, this game can run up to 6 hours in length . . . so, it kind of needs an event of its own or be played at a lock-in or such.

    If you want to go the cheap route, check out Cheapass Games at This company used to make some AMAZING games that were cheap as hell. You had to supply counters, pawns, and dice; but, this just resulted in a lower price tag (between $2-$8). I despaired when I heard they no longer published. However, they have been releasing their games in pdf format in their "Free Games" section. All you need to do is print them out. My instincts tell me your anime club would love Devil Bunny Needs a Ham, as well as Button Men. That said, print them all out and give them a go. Twisted sense of humor and crazy fun gameplay with a price tag of FREE . . . what teen librarian could ask for more?